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AGROmashEXPO - AgrárgépShow 2017

Expanding Hungarian agriculture, growing exhibition

On 28th January, Hungexpo concluded its most successful agricultural exhibition of all time. More visitors and exhibitors attended the 35th AGROmashEXPO hosted at the Budapest Fair Center from 25-28 of January and the 7th AgrárgépShow as well as the simultaneously hosted Hungarian Garden and Viticulture and Viniculture professional fairs than last year.
The most significant Hungarian agricultural exhibition was attended by 45,000 visitors. 350 exhibitors (including 36 from foreign countries) yet again occupied the entire area of the Fair Center: presenting their machines and innovations in 9 pavilions and the accompanying open air space across nearly 40 thousand square meters.
The Hungarian agriculture has been continuously expanding since 2010, producing a 55% growth rate over six years with an output of 2620 billion HUF in 2016, said Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas at the exhibition’s opening ceremony. The minister highlighted the fact that the agriculture is the driving force of the Hungarian economy - not just figuratively, but literally as well, since its mechanization has expanded in recent years, along with its technical standards and level of technology. He added that the agricultural machine manufacturing sector played a major role in this development, which is one of the most important pillars of the agriculture. Sándor Fazekas felt that this year’s prospects for the agricultural machine industry and machine trade are rather favourable as 2017 will be a year of growth for manufacturers and traders alike.  Furthermore, he added that the consistent work of the last six years serves as the foundation for the conditions of the further development of the agriculture.
Zsolt Harsányi, president of the Hungarian Association of Agricultural Tools and Machinery Distributors (MEGFOSZ) stated at the opening ceremony: for years, the agricultural machine manufacturing and trade has been a 160 billion HUF market, which is set to increase by an additional 5 billion HUF this year.
Gábor Ganczer, CEO of Hungexpo C.Co.Ltd. had the following to say: the challenges of domestic agriculture put a growing professional demand on farmers, thus increasing the timeliness of the concept of the “reasonable - caring farmer” whilst the generation shift in agriculture is becoming increasingly apparent.

Top tractors at the tractor summit

At the Agrárgépshow, owned by the Hungarian Association of Agricultural Tools and Machinery Distributors (MEGFOSZ), manufacturers and distributors presented more tractor novelties than ever before. Practically all tractor manufacturers presented their latest series at the event. The same diversity could be witnessed in the case of other agricultural machines: a greater number of available goods, simpler, modern designs yet still with a high performance and a good working quality were on offer at the AGROmashEXPO.
From the greatest to the smallest, the firms at the exhibition presented a wide range of selection in the fields of input, mechanization and logistics. Apart from the machines, a number of firms participated at the event which offered specialized services. Beyond exhibitors offering seeds, propagation materials, pesticides, artificial fertilizers and pest-control substances, there were more firms than last year involved in the fields of agricultural electronics, measurement technology and automation.
The Agricultural Marketing Center was again hosted in a separate pavilion, introducing small enterpreneurs.

Professional programs

This year, AGROmashEXPO visitors were again treated to a diverse range of professional events. The four days of the exhibition provided ample opportunity for exchanging views, gaining information on novelties, and for the national level decision-makers, those preparing these decisions and market operators to meet. All the gatherings and forums hosted by the exhibition’s partners, organizations and editorial staffs were packed with visitors. The finals of the MezőgépÉSZek (young agricultural engineers) competition (hosted by MEGFOSZ and Agro Napló) were particularly successful. Agricultural engineer, machine technician and machine repair students competed with one another at the event. The first prize - a study tour to the SIMA exhibition in Paris offered by the Ministry of Agriculture - was won by the “5. ütem” team from Hajdúböszörmény.

There was yet again a great deal of interest in the DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION AWARDS competition of the exhibition. 37 designs were submitted for the competition. Following two rounds of evaluation, the jury presented 4 Innovation Grand Prizes and 9 Special Awards. The awards were presented at the exhibition’s opening ceremony.

AGROmashEXPO - AgrárgépShow 2016

Let me tell you that the event was a huge succes in the domestic agricultural industry, it received a record number of visitors.

The exhibition was opened on the 27th of January.

350 exhibitors from 18 countries presented their wares and services at the 34rd AGROmashEXPO and the simultaneously hosted 6th Agrárgép (Agricultural Machine) Show, Hungarian Garden, Viticulture and Viniculture exhibitions.

A number of deals were made at the 38 thousand square meter exhibition and fair which took up almost the entire area of HUNGEXPO.

The hungarian and foreign market operators published their goods at the exhibition. Thousands of agricultural machinery, including 260 tractors were exhibited. More than 45,000 people were interested and that was the most visited year of the exhibition.

On the opening ceremony of the exhibition Gábor Ganczer, the CEO of the HUNGEXPO, Zsolt Harsányi the president of MEGFOSZ and Dr. Sándor Fazekas the Minister of Agriculture gave an opening speech.

This year the International and Domestic Product awards made a huge success also, because there were 45 nominations (also a record number). From all of the nominations 15 were gave Grand Prix or a Special Award based on the professional jury. The winners received their awards during the opening ceremony.

High-quality professional performances, workshops, conferences were hold, because of our partners supply.

The programmes gave answers for the actual questions and problems in the industry, showed the trends, solutions and development possiblities as well.

Most preferred programmes were the followings:

  • National Association of Grain Producers Professional Day- emphasised issue were the current situation of the agriculture, challenges and possbilities in 2016.
  • „Innovations and development possibilities in the hungarian agro and food industry.” conference organized by Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture.
  • 4th online marketing conference organized by Agroinform.hu
  • Agricultural Marketing and Media Day
  • Ministry of Agriculture and the Hungarian Tourism Organization presented the „Farmer Forum” programme
  • Naik Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Machinery Industry Division of GTE Performances

Beside the rich professional programmes, the exhibition made several businesses this year also. Based on our exhibitors answers we can claim that during the events numerous businesses were signed. Moreover the interest for the machines, technologies and services was enormous.