Due to the unfavourable economic climate caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have to face significant challenges and try to give a new momentum to their activities and operations while they also need to learn how to live together with a constant threat.

In addition to the online solutions, business companies increasingly need personal meetings, conferences and exhibitions so that they could give a larger space for progress in order to resume their business activities.

HUNGEXPO is already busy preparing for the autumn and winter season and spares no effort to provide the safest conditions for organizing and holding the exhibitions of the key Hungarian industries.

Health care:

The hygiene and sanitation practices applied at the exhibition are in line with the currently valid regulations, but we always monitor the situation and follow any changes in the regulatory environment.

Hungexpo has recently compiled a POST-COVID Handbook for the healthy and safe organization of exhibitions. The purpose of these event organization rules is to provide virus free conditions in HUNGEXPO’s area for business negotiations, knowledge sharing and personal networking.

The Handbook provides for compliance with the centrally regulated fundamental hygiene rules, ensures safe conditions for business meetings, conferences and exhibitions held in the Exhibition Center as well as protects the health of visitors and exhibitors throughout the event.

Here are some indicative examples of measures from the comprehensive POST-COVID rules:

  • The pavilions hosting the exhibition are disinfected and sanitized with a special disinfection machine, including a daily disinfectant cleaning with virucides and bactericides.
  • Access control involves the measurement of the participants’ body temperature with thermographic scanning gates set up in the reception halls.
  • Mandatory hand disinfection at each access point before entry.
  • Mask vending machines installed at each entry point.
  • The entire exhibition area is equipped with touch-free hand sanitization points, closable trash cans and, where necessary, plexiglass walls.
  • Touch-free equipment is provided in the bathrooms: faucets, soap, disinfectant and paper towel dispensers.
  • Touch-free solutions are applied in several other areas (badge reading on entry, online ticket printing, contactless payment, etc.)
  • Complete virucide and bactericide cleaning in all bathrooms in every hour
  • Continuous virucide disinfection of often-touched surfaces in communal areas in every four hours at least during the operation time.
  • We help you to keep the appropriate distance by offering wider walking lanes, one-way traffic directions and an online platform to set meeting appointments.
  • Naturally, we also ensure the safety of our own staff in compliance with the valid health and safety regulations.

Let’s meet at our exhibitions!