The biggest agricultural trade exhibition in Hungary

Records – Across the Board

The most successful AGROmashEXPO and Agrárgép (Agricultural Machine) Show of all times was concluded. The exhibition from 28-31 January was attended by 42 thousand visitors, even more than last year.

More than 300 exhibitors presented their wares and services at the 33rd AGROmashEXPO and the simultaneously hosted AgrárgépShow and Hungarian Garden and Viticulture and Viniculture exhibitions. A number of deals were made at the 36 thousand square meter exhibition and fair (which took up almost the entire area of HUNGEXPO) in the value of several based billion forints, based upon preliminary estimates from the exhibitors.

The pinnacle event of the agriculture trade yet again featured market-leading brands and smaller businesses and companies offering special services. Apart from the distributors, the members of the National Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (MEGOSZ) put on a grand display of the novelties of Hungary agricultural machinery manufacturing. The AgrárgépShow, owned by MEGFOSZ (the National Association of Agricultural Tool and Machine Distributors), showed off the very best of domestic agricultural machine distributors.

The regional nature of the exhibition was further underlined with even more visitors from foreign countries attending the event than last year.

The opening day began by the presentation of the International and Domestic Product Design awards. This year, 14 of the 41 applications were awarded.

A special feature of this year’s exhibition was that visitors had a chance to try their hand at operating one of the best agricultural machines in the world. Over six hundred visitors tested the Lamborghini tractor. 

Detailed figures of visitors 2015

AGROmashEXPO, AgrargépShow 2015 in pictures

Agriculture exhibitions in Hungary with full house

The AGROmashEXPO and AgrárgépShow (Agricultural Machines) exhibitions will be open to visitors again from 28-31 January. The exhibitions covering the entire space of the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre feature approximately 300 exhibitors presenting novelties on over 30.000 square meters, thus providing visitors with the greatest possible range of offers. This provides a fitting overview of the hungarian agricultural machine market supply, thus allowing for the best purchase decisions.

The pinnacle event of the agricultural industry will again feature market leading companies and brands as well as smaller businesses and firms offering special services. The range of seeds and other propagating materials, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other disinfestation agents on offer continues to grow, as well as an increasing number of exhibitors in the fields of agricultural electronics, measuring techniques and automation.

Apart from the distributors, the hungarian machine manufacturers (MEGOSZ) will be putting on another grand display of the innovations in domestic machine manufacturing.

The AgrárgépShow, as owned by MEGFOSZ (National Association of Agricultural Machine Manufacturers), will provide an overview of the very best of hungarian machine distributors.

Thanks to the professional partners of the exhibitions, the top-quality presentations will make sure that visitors can access the solutions to the latest issues and problems as well as the products and services on offer. The details are under development, but the following events will definitely be included:

28 January / VIth Agricultural Marketing and Media Day hosted by Hungarian Agriculture (Magyar Mezőgazdaság)

29 January / National Association of Grain Producers Professional Day
                        What grows on the net in 2015? – a conference hosted by Agroinform

30 January / Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture Day
                   Agrarinformatic conference

The DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION AWARD competition returns in 2015, for which exhibitors could submit their entries until the end of November. The professional jury will decide on the awards in early January, which will be presented to the winning companies at next year's opening ceremony.

The greatest domestic agricultural exhibition will be supplemented  by HUNGARIAN GARDEN (machines and tools for maintaining parks and gardens) and VITICULTURE AND VINICULTURE (winery technology professional exhibition).

The exhibitions – due to the wider range of services on offer and the increased number of visitors - will again be providing visitors with extended opening hours:
28-30 January, 2015 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
31 January, 2015      9.00 am - 5.00 pm


AGROmashEXPO, AgrárgépShow 2014 in pictures: