Apply to the 40th AGROmashEXPO International Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Based on the experiences of this year’s virtual exhibition, we understand, that the online event provides an important business opportunity for those who have difficulty participating in the physical exhibition. Therefore, in order for the exhibition to be an effective forum for all professionals, in 2022 AGROmashEXPO will be held as a hybrid exhibition, so it will await the audience in virtual and traditional forms as well.

Please download the application forms and open them with Acrobat Reader, not from a browser!

PLEASE NOTE: the applications are accepted only in the order of receipt of the filled and signed application forms!


AGROmashEXPO will be organized together with AgrárgépShow in 2022 as well, so at the beginning of next year, our visitors will find the usual offer at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.

Renewed exhibition area

By the end of the year, the large-scale development of HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center, where the exhibition area will be expanded with brand new and renewed pavilions, will be completed. Thus, in 2022, our partners will be able to present their products and services in a larger area, and in an environment more fitting to the standards of the exhibition.

Opening hours and entrance

While the opening hours of the physical exhibition will remain unchanged, the virtual exhibition will be available between 26-29 January 2022 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with Live Chat possibility. On the days of the exhibition beyond the opening hours, and between 30 January and 6 February, the chat option is not available, but the exhibitors’ materials are available.

Visitors can enter to the exhibition through the Entrance Hall III. as before, but also can be accessed through the new Congress Center and the newly built Main Entrance.

Exhibition area