Product Groups

1. Agricultural machines, equipment
1.1. Tractors
1.2. Small machines for agricultural and communal use
1.3. Land cultivation machines
1.4. Planting machines
1.5. Machines for fertilization
1.6. Machines for plant protection
1.7. Sowing machines
1.8. Irrigation machines
1.9. Machines for rough fodder production and harvesting
1.10. Harvesting machines
1.11. Machines of field and grazing area management
1.12. Vegetable growing and harvesting machines
1.13. Fruit cultivation and harvesting machines
1.14. Machines for glasshouses and foil tents
1.15. Machines for the postharvest processing of vegetables and fruits
1.16. Conveying machines, vehicles
1.17. Lifting, loading and transportation machines
1.18. Components, parts and aggregates for agricultural machines, tools
1.19. Mock-ups
1.20. Tools

4. Forestry and forestry machines
4.1. Caring for forests, tree plantations, machines of tree extraction
4.2. Timber processing machines
4.3. Equipment for game keeping

5. Sowing seeds and other plant propagations

6. Chemical products
6.1. Plant protecting chemicals
6.2. Chemical fertilizers
6.3. Caustics instrument
6.4. Agricultural foils, packaging materials
6.5. Lubricants and fuels
6.6. Hygiene, detergents and disinfectants
6.7. Pest control
6.8. Storage and transport of chemical products; fuel technology

10. Agricultural services
10.1. Agricultural marketing
10.2. Financing agriculture
10.3. Insurance
10.4. Tenders for agricultural and rural development, tender writing
10.5. Information technology
10.6. Trade press, books
10.7. Transport, shipping
10.8. Service, repair
10.9. Quality assurance, quality control
10.10. Trade organisations and associations
10.11. Education, research, development

11. Agricultural environment management, rural development

2. Animal breeding and their instruments, equipment of institutions for animal breeding
2.1. Machines and equipment for cow keeping
2.2. Machines and equipment for pig keeping
2.3. Machines and equipment for poultry keeping
2.4. Machines and equipment for sheep and goat keeping
2.5. Other animal breeding instruments and equipment
2.6. Complete institutions for animal keeping
2.7. Genetics, veterinary surgery
2.8. Machines and equipment for foraging
2.9. Fodders and complete feed stuffs

3. Agricultural construction
3.1. Stable and hall building
3.2. Air-handling, ventialtion and air-conditioning
3.3. Crop drying and storage facilities, their equipment and fixings
3.4. Glasshouses, foil tents

7. Agrar electronic, measurement, diagnostic and automation equipment

8. Environment protection in agriculture
8.1.Power engineering, renewable energy resources
8.3.Waste management
8.4.Soil cleaning and management
8.5.Reduction and measuring of carbon emission

9. Work security, working clothes